My Latest CV

DeBeers (Diamonds)   May 2016 - Present
Coming back to DeBeers, I was asked to develop a Middleware system, that connects remote diamond sorting machines at the mines to the central systems for stock control. This is a Tcp, Asyncronous, multi threaded Sockets based system. • EF • TCP Sockets • Wireshark • 100 www machines Botwsana, Singapore, Canada, South Africa • Business Critical Mine Sade MW Auction • robust, 24x7, 365 uptime • As400 team integration • Working with Business Teams and Stakeholders • SOLID, Clean Code, Patterns • Weekly scrum
Neilson Finance   Jan 2016 - May 2016
Neilson are an ambitious FinTech insurance company and I was taken on as part of a 10 developer team to enhance an insurance sales system that was servicing 200 staff the UK and US. This was a multi project, multi layer MVC 5 web application that included a Bootstrap, Javascript and JQuery front end and SQL Server back end. The team operated a fast paced, data driven methodology, based on Visual Studio Team Services. We operated a 2 week sprint starting with the sprint meeting, estimation sessions, pair programming and a sprint retrospective. All code was peer reviewed before release. • MVVM • Signal-r phone integration • Azure storage queue (accessed by windows service) • SOAP Web Service to Data Layer • Azure (storing phone conversations) • Streams from phone company - > xml fragments -> phone no -> direct call to appropriate team
De Beers   September 2015 - November 2015
My brief was to design a scalable Diamond Accounting and Audit system that monitored the movement of diamond packages within the company and externally. I was given complete freedom to develop the architecture and user experience of the system, liaising directly with the finance and management team throughout the development. The system comprises SQL Server 2014, with a Generic Repository (Unit of work pattern) using Entity Framework 6 for Data Access. This is accessed via a Web API 2 service that uses HMAC Authentication. The Front End of the system is WPF using MVVM and attribute based model validation. Finished off with a Ribbon Menu, the system is a scalable, easy to use, robust, secure and modern application. • EF 6 Connecting to SQL Server 2014 • Generic Repository, Unit of work pattern for Data Access • Web API 2 allowing for future Web and Mobile Device interface • WPF Windows Application Front End • MVVM Pattern binding XAML to Models • RDLC Reporting • Remote secure access for Audit Teams in Botswana
Bourne Leisure   July 2014 - August 2015
Bourne leisure owns Butlins, Haven, Warners and others. I was taken on board to work on their public interactive ecommerce websites. I designed, architected and developed a brand new website, the Park Admin tool that allows staff on the holiday parks to manage their upcoming events and administration tasks. This is an n-tier C# ASP.NET web application using SQL Server 2012, LINQ to SQL, along with Entity Framework 6. I also work on high profile, high visibility sections of the other sites. Other tasks include working with the Caravan Owners site and the main Haven Holiday WebSite upgrade that is due for release soon. These sites are built in Visual Studio, then managed within SDL Tridion (with MVC Razor templates), this is a full blown content management system. During 2 weekly sprint meetings, I am involved in technical design, estimation, and tasked with delivering my work on time and to specification. • Interaction between client side scripting and server done with JQuery, JSON and WebMethods • JQuery and JavaScript used for presentation including calendars and carousels and immersive user experience • HTML5 and CSS3 responsive design used for Phones, Tablets and PC Browsers • Output from Tridion CMS is XML, then manipulated with XDocument and Linq within the Web Applications • Haven core JavaScript Libraries (digital business intelligence) • Caravan Owners site Shopping Basket written from scratch
Freelance Work   November 2013 - July 2014
My latest freelance project was an e-commerce web application which is an interactive public facing website. Technologies used were C#, Visual Studio 2013, SQL Server 2012, Entity Framework and LINQ for access the database. Data Access follows the Repository and Unit of Work design patterns. jQuery and Ajax was used on the user interface. I used .Net membership to allow the site owner to securely log in and fully administer the site. The site also interacts with PayPal and has just won a "website award" from Mumpreneur UK. The back end support of these and the other web applications that I host is managed by an MVC4 Razor, EF4, Code First web application that runs scheduled tasks 24/7 making sure data is backed up and notifications are sent out to the site owners and consumers of the sites.
Opal Ltd   November 2012 - November 2013
My role at Opal was to work in a team of developers to deliver the Friends Life/AA Life Insurance Web Application. This is an n-tier C# ASP.NET web application using a SQL Server 2008 database. LINQ to SQL was used along with Entity Framework 4. One of my tasks within this project was to design and build the calculation engine and deliver it along with an extensive set of Unit Tests. Our team used an Agile methodology and I was instrumental in setting up TFS for the rest of the developers and project managers. Dependency Injection was used with Unity to “loosely couple” components of the applications. WCF Service was used in the HSBC broker product interfacing to the Calculation Engine. • MVC 4 prototype version for the above product • Entity Framework 4, Code First for Data Access • SQL Server database design • Javascript with JSON posting to WebMethods • JQuery used to enhance user experience • HTML Page formatting with CSS • TFS used for defect resolution
Freelance Work   November 2012 - November 2013
My freelance projects have included a number of Online Shops, including which won a Small Business Sunday award from Theo Paphitis of Dragons Den fame. The projects I delivered allow customers to place orders whilst notifying the site via PayPal IPN, thi then provides stock control. To deliver this I used C#, Visual Studio 2012 and SQL Server 2008. I have also delivered projects such as, an online hotel booking system for Cornwall, this site hosts around 1000 hotels allowing them to log in, manage their details and provides quotes to customers who are then able to make bookings on the site. • Visual Studio 2010, C#, ASP.NET • Entity Framework v4-6 used to connect to database • LINQ and Stored procedures used for data access • CSS for page layout • JQuery, Javascript and AJAX used to enhance user experience
Copernicus   January 2006 - August 2010
Whilst at Copernicus my role was to develop web based financial software. This involved gathering requirements, and delivering the required product. Once completed, I would remain involved during acceptance testing and final installation. In July 2007 I was sent to Uganda to deal with the upgrade and rollout of new software at the head office of DFCU Bank in Kampala. • Visual Studio 2008, C#, ASP.NET • SQL Server and SQL Server Reporting Services • LINQ • Asp.NET, AJAX, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
ICE-SYS Ltd   September 2003 - November 2005
Ice-Sys is a software house, supplying solutions for the finance and leasing industry. I was part of a team developing a “Smart-Client” application written in with a SQL server 2000 database. My responsibilities were to design, develop and implement new functionality within the product using Visual Studio .NET and writing stored procedures in Sql Server. Another part of my role was visiting customer sites on a consultancy basis providing implementation and troubleshooting services. • Database design/stored procedure writing. • On-Site database troubleshooting. • C# Component design. • Developed a flexible reporting/export system usable with all ICE products. • External XML Funder interfaces for Barclays and Black Horse Finance. • Crystal Reports Design
The Compass Group Plc   December 2002 - July 2003
The Compass Group plc are the largest worldwide food supplier, owning such brands as Moto, Burger King and Harry Ramsdens. Here I was part of a team of 15 developers building a multi-lingual accounting system to be rolled out to over 6,000 users. The system uses a SQL Server (MSDE) backend, containing 250 tables and hundreds of stored procedures and User Defined Functions. The front end is made up of some 105 components written in Visual Basic forming a Database Layer, Business Logic Layer and User Interface layer. One of my key responsibilities was to work closely with the SAP team to agree and design the XML schema files that provide the vital interface between each of the trading units and the central accounting system. • ADO (with transactions) was used to connect to the MSDE database. • Complex Input/Output Stored Procedure usage and User defined Function usage. • SAP Interface via XML produced using MSXML DOM Documents. • Crystal Reports, based on XML data feeds for reporting. • Design and Build of Custom Controls for use by other parts of the team. • Code managed and shared in a team environment with Visual SourceSafe. • Created a Component Manager to compile/build the project and its components.
Washington Group International Plc (BNFL)   November 2001 - December 2002
The Washington Group is a partner of BNFL and maintains nuclear installations throughout the UK. Here, I designed and built a system that collects timesheet entries and purchasing information from BNFL, Washington and other Subcontractors. This process involves a large amount of project information from a number of data feeds including Oracle, Sap and a manual entry system. The data is imported into a SQL Server database, integrity-tested and normalised. It is then distributed to a consumer friendly, secure Data Mart that is accessed by 200+ users in both Washington and BNFL. • MTS/Com+ • Crystal reports fed by back end SQL Server queries. • Server Components and Stored Procedures control data import. • Security model implemented shielding sensitive salary information. • Visual Basic “Explorer Style” SQL Server security application using MS SQLDMO Object model.
Astrazeneca   July 2000 - November 2001
My responsibilities were to design, code and implement a financial rebate system. This system provides an accurate record of adjusted payments of up to £15 million per month. The application consists of over 25,000 lines of code written in Visual Basic 6, MS Access and SQL Server. Business Objects was used for reporting and I developed a new Data Universe that was linked to SQL Server and The Oracle Data Warehouse. • Full Project lifecycle and ownership. • SQL*Net Link to Oracle which used DCOM to control data import. • XML Object model used to Export from SQL Server to Web Applications. • Business Objects. Data Universe Design, as well as Report Generation and user training. • HTML Parser written to allow Paste from Web Pages directly to a database.